Express Bridal Radiancel

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15 days to D-day

As the day comes closer, the tension is building up and it's starting to show on your skin. In the hustle and bustle of wedding day preparations, if your skin care has taken a back seat, do not worry!

Our 15-day Express Bridal Radiance Program is a quick-fix plan which will take the best possible care of your skin. This program utilizes a combination of products, services and technology including Aqua Radiance with Oil Control Formula, Aqua Radiance with Vitamin Infusion, Aqua Fairness, Everyday Radiance with Mandelic peel, Meso Glow and Microdermabrasion and products like Daily Use Sunscreen and Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen.

The program is spread across 3 sessions will ensure radiant and even skin on the big day! The program is customized depending on your skin type- normal skin, tanned skin or acne prone skin.