Plan Ahead Bridal Radiance

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60 days to D-day

Starting your skin care regimen 60 days prior to your wedding date will allow us to provide your skin with all the care it needs and give you the best results.

The synergistic combination of advanced skin care services, peels and products like Aqua Radiance with Oil Control Formula, Aqua Fairness, Everyday Radiance with Mandelic peel, Meso Glow, Microdermabrasion, Pimple free Skin Renewal Sessions and products like forever yooung Skin Health Routine, Fairness Range and our advanced range of products like AntOx Vit C Formula, Comedone Control Serum & Blemish Control Formula will surely ensure radiant skin on your wedding day.

The program is spread across 6 sessions and is customized for brides depending on your skin type- normal skin, tanned skin or acne prone skin. It will ensure radiant and even tone skin on the big day!