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For the first time in India, Forever yooung presents Juvederm® XC Beautifillers, the world’s No.1 dermal filler, which gives you smoother, tauter, fuller and younger-looking skin in just 30 minutes.

Approved by the US FDA, this is a simple, non-surgical service that replenishes your skin with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – a naturally hydrating substance responsible for giving your skin its natural volume and fullness.

Juvederm® XC is also a great way to get luscious lips, fuller cheeks and that perfectly contoured face you always wanted. Your skin is rejuvenated to look naturally fresh and young.

The best part about this absolutely comfortable service is that the results are instant and the effects last for an entire year.

Normally a single treatment of Juvederm® XC lasts for as long as a year. At this point, we recommend you come back for another session.

How long does the service usually take ?

This simple, comfortable and non-surgical service takes only about 15-30 minutes.

Will I notice results instantly ?

Absolutely! The results can be seen immediately. Right after your session, you will notice that your skin is smoother, firmer and younger-looking.

How long do the results last ?

The results of Juvederm® XC Beautifiller last for as long as a year.

Are there any side effects ?

This is an extremely safe service with additional comfort. You might develop a mild redness which will subside within a few hours.

Is the service painful ?

No, Not at all. Juvederm® XC is the only dermal filler in India that has an anaesthetic agent that provides you with a very comfortable experience during and after the service.

Is Juvederm® XC safe ?

Juvederm® XC is approved by the US FDA. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a hydrating substance found naturally in our skin. Hyaluronic Acid fillers are the most preferred form of dermal fillers for both effective results and safety reasons.


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    • Hii, Dr. Sadhana. I feel great and blessed. Thanks to you and your awesome team. I will never forget the gifts I received price wise and all the love showered on me. God bless you all.Please give my love to the whole team.

      – Deborah Goa