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The skin that we are born with constantly produces collagen, keeping our skin youthful and supple.

With age and in time, as our skin gets continued exposure to the harsh ultra violet rays of the sun, coupled with pollution and perhaps an unhealthy lifestyle, the surface deteriorates and the ability to reproduce collagen also alters dramatically, causing wrinkles, sagging and facial lines.

At Forever Yooung, we use a high end radio frequency technology called Mini Accent that gently warms the layers of skin to tighten and re-contour collagen and connective tissues both on the surface and deep within the skin.

A series of this service gradually reduces facial wrinkles and lines on the skin by restoring its collagen balance, giving your skin a satin smooth youthful look and feel.

Skin Tightening Service removes wrinkles and lines on your skin by restoring its collagen balance.

Before treatment: Collagen fibers are scattered with excess fluid and fat cells.

During treatment: Deep dermal heat is applied through the handpiece with a sweeping motion.

After treatment: collagen fibers contract and multiply for a firmer, tighter appearance. Circulation improves; retained fluids and excess fat drains from tissues to reduce overall volume.

After the Skin Tightening process, our dermatologists recommend a customized skincare regime for you, which ensures that you enjoy long-lasting results.

The formation of new Collagen softens and plumps up the fine lines. Repeated sessions of this service (as recommended by the dermatologists) will make your skin tighter giving you a fresher, more youthful look. You will have firmer facial contours and a visibly better skin texture.

dermatologists will chalk out a customized skin care regime for you. With these and the follow up visits to the clinic, you will continue to look younger for as long as you wish.

What benefit will I get from the Skin Tightening service?

The benefits from this service are many:

  • Decrease in open pores and tightening of skin
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin elasticity and texture
  • Overall, a toned, more youthful look

Can I take the Skin Tightening Service ?

  • Yes, you can take theSkin Tightening Service provided that
  • You do not have an auto-immune deficiency
  • You are not pregnant
  • You have not had treatment with Accutane in the last 6 months
  • You have no metal (steel rod, pacemaker, etc) inside your body
  • You do not have a history of epilepsy
  • You do not have severe uncontrolled Diabetes

Try to keep in the shade, or keep items on hand like umbrellas, sunglasses and hats....

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