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As the years roll by, our skin loses its natural ability to regenerate tissue and its natural moisturizing ability begins to fail, making our skin lose its elasticity and sag. Face Firming service offers a safe, effective and non-invasive method for restoring your skin’s natural moisture, toning your facial muscles and lifting sagging muscles.

Consisting of Fat Mobilization, Muscular Stimulation and Lymphatic Drainage, Face Firming Service first helps remove excessive fat, then stimulates facial muscles similar to exercising in a gym and finally drains away the accumulated fluids leaving behind firmer, refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Focusing mainly on the face and neck area, the service specifically targets sagging Cheeks, jaw-line, and chin-line, helps reduce fluid retention and reduces the excess adipose tissue deposits on the face.

The service takes 60 minutes, and usually consists of 10 such sessions.

For visible results, at least 10 sessions are recommended. Our dermatologist will recommend the optimum number of sessions for you depending on your facial muscle tone and your physiology.

A marked difference after the service would be noticed in the:

  • Tightening and lifting of facial muscle revealing a firmer jaw line
  • Reduction in excess fat in the face / neck area
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Reduced puffiness and,
  • Improved blood circulation

As post care, the client is usually advised to apply a sunscreen (with SPF 15) and moisturizer, and drink 2 glasses of water before going to sleep. It is also important to take a maintenance session of the service once in every 4 to 6 weeks.

What Body Parts Does The Service Cover ?

Our Face Firming service focuses on the face and neck area. The service specifically targets sagging Cheeks, Jawline, and Chin line and reduction of fluid retention and reduction of excess adipose tissue deposits on the face

How long does the service take ?

One session of Face Firming service usually takes 60 minutes, and the entire service usually comprises 10 such sessions. These sessions are scheduled twice a week, with a gap of a few days between each session. In certain cases our dermatologist may recommend 15 - 20 sessions depending on your facial muscle tone and your physiology. So a meet up with our clinic dermatologist is essential before you can start with the first session. Our dermatologist will also monitor your progress throughout the service.

Are there any side effects of the service ?

There are absolutely no side effects of this service. You can continue normal daily activities post this service.

Can I take the Face Firming service ?

Yes, you can take the Face Firming service provided a positive review of your medical records from our dermatologist.If you are pregnant, have any heart related illness, metal implants or have had any form of epilepsy or history of the same this service is not recommended for you. Our in clinic dermatologist will meet you before the service and decide if you can take the service based on the above, or any other relevant, contraindications.


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