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Mesowhite is a breakthrough answer to rough, patchy, uneven and tanned skin. This absolutely painless service , begins with infusing whitening solution vitamins nutrients into your skin with electroporation technology, opening it up and creating channels for deeper infusion. Glycolic peel derived from Sugarcane very effectively enters your pores, resulting in dramatically faster results. It allows new skin to surface more quickly and easily, which is rejuvenated with even colour and smoother texture. Mesowhite face whitening leaves your skin two shades fairer in just 3 sessions.

Trace visible results in just 3 sessions. Watch your skin even out and darker areas lighten. Feel an enhancement in the texture of your skin that looks not just smooth but also healthy like never before.

This service is aimed at keeping your skin flawless and healthy. Though your skin may be habituated to getting exposed to daily grime, harsh light etc., this unique process maintains that heightened initial flawlessness in just 3 sessions. However, continuous usage of Daily Use Sunscreen and moisturiser between the sessions is recommended.

What is mesowhite face whitening ?

It is an efficacious service with a promise of an even skin tone, and healthy looking skin in just 3 sessions.

How is mesowhite face whitening different from other services ?

Unlike the rest, this process involves the goodness of vitamins and whitening solutions infused deeper in your skin followed by benefits of Glycolic and doesn't engage in a massage or a mask.

How long does the service take ?

The service is spread over three 45-minute sessions spread over 15 days.

Would there be any after effects ?

No. This service causes less irritation and no peeling, and hence is absolutely safe on skin.

Who can take this service ?

Individuals with slight uneven skin tone, tanning, those prone to acne or even those seeking a facial equivalent with less intervals and minimal post care are welcome for this service.


Try to keep in the shade, or keep items on hand like umbrellas, sunglasses and hats....

Think about what clothes you're wearing. Cotton will help prevent sunburn unless the fabric is white. Also, try to reduce the amou...



    • Hii, Dr. Sadhana. I feel great and blessed. Thanks to you and your awesome team. I will never forget the gifts I received price wise and all the love showered on me. God bless you all.Please give my love to the whole team.

      – Deborah Goa