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Daily exposure to sun/pollutants and erratic lifestyles make your skin appear dull and lifeless! Additional factors like everyday habits, stress also take their toll on our skin. With this service, the damage is reduced and the skin looks fresher and smoother.

Our EssentialPeel reduces the everyday damage done to your skin by pollutants, harsh weather and an erratic lifestyle, making your face, arms and back look fresher and smoother. The service begins with a gentle and thorough cleansing of the area, after which, a peel containing active ingredients found in sugarcane-juice extract and fruit is applied. These magic ingredients penetrate your skin easily, exfoliating it, evening out your skin tone and naturally moisturizing your skin. They also help in fighting oiliness, pimples, and reducing fine lines

The active ingredients in glycolic peel are natural moisturizing agents that leave the skin feeling soft. Thorough exfoliation reduces dull and dead skin, evening out the patchy skin tone. It also fights oiliness and pimples and reduces the fine lines. In effect, the skin appears healthier and radiates vitality.

Regular maintenance sessions help in maintaining the achieved results for a longer period of time. The in-house dermatologist will suggest the frequency of maintenance session required based on the skin needs and condition.

What body parts does the peel cover ?

Essential Peel focuses on the face, arms and back.

Are there any side effects of the service ?

It is an absolutely safe service. In order to ensure the safety of your skin, our Dermatologists would perform a peel sensitivity test on your skin prior to the service. However there would be mild redness of the skin following the service, which usually subsides in a few hours. You are advised to use a sunscreen as well as restrict sun exposure following the service.

Can I take the Vitality peel ?

Yes, you can take the Essential Peel provided your peel sensitivity check is normal. Our in-clinic dermatologist will meet you before the service to check your skin s ability to undergo the service based on the above, or any other relevant contraindications. A marked difference in skin condition can be noted in 8-10 sittings.


Try to keep in the shade, or keep items on hand like umbrellas, sunglasses and hats....

Think about what clothes you're wearing. Cotton will help prevent sunburn unless the fabric is white. Also, try to reduce the amou...



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