Regular skin care :

Facial skin being far less protected than other body parts, is subject to change with age, UV damage. Changing weather conditions leave the skin feeling dull and lifeless. To maintain a fresh, youthful look all the time, it requires a little extra care. Our enhancement services for men are specially designed to do just that.

  • Forever yooung Refine for Men
  • Forever yooung Glow for Men
  • Forever yooung Facial for Men

Skin concerns :

At forever yooung we first understand exactly what your skin needs and offer you personalized treatments based on your skin type using peels and the latest laser technology. All our services are US FDA approved.

  • Acne Free for Men
  • Skin whitening solution for Men
  • Pigmentation reduction for Men
  • Anti- tanning solution for Men
  • Age control solutions for Men

We also offers solutions for specific concerns like wart removal, dark circle reduction, advanced acne solutions and more.

Hair free for men :

Removal of unwanted hair through conventional methods like shaving or waxing is cumbersome, painful and just a temporary solution, which is why permanent hair reduction using Laser comes as a much-needed relief because the procedure is rapid, gentle on the skin and takes care of unwanted hair once and for all

Focus Areas: Beard shaping, Ear lobes, Nose, Mid Brow, Under Arm, Chest, Abdomen and other body parts.

Hair loss prevention:

Your hair needs daily care and balanced regimen to stay healthy. Poor nutrition, hormonal changes, stress and harmful products play a major role in loss of hair over time. At forever yooung, our Hair Loss Prevention service begins with a comprehensive hair and scalp analysis that is used to understand hair type, behaviour and needs. Once our experts identify the concern, we create a holistic solution package and offer services and products to take care of your problems.